Why Everyone Who Loves Shoes Needs the Zyfler Shoe Bag

City streets aren’t great for shoes. Maybe you’re walking down the crowded sidewalks of Manhattan, commuting in snowy Chicago winters, or navigating the cobblestones of Rome. Maybe you’re catching a bus or hurrying down the steps into a grimy subway station and you don’t want to damage your shoes in the process. Whether you’re wearing Manolos and Louboutins or Steve Madden and Nine West, you want to keep your shoes looking their best.Good news—wherever you ...

Zyfler Where It All Began

1). What made you start Zyfler and did you do this on your own?

Zyfler started with a passion to travel.  The excitement and the inspiration to discover new cities, new places and the pleasure of travelling with family was the starting point for me.  This was the dream of both my wife and I so we decided to start this business.


2). How is Zyfler different to other travel goods?

With lots of products in ...

Zyfler is the innovative and life-styled travel products company with accessories designed exclusively for frequent and avid travelers.

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